sum makes it easy to sit down and have a sophisticated, multilayered monome experience without a lot of fuss and set up. 

Eliane Radigue. From the late 1960’s until 2000 she created her work exclusively on a single synthesizer (ARP 2500) and tape.

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Vinyl and needle magnified X1000 

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Posse Crew Ensemble AS-606 Ambient Sequencer  - a hardware sequencer specifically designed for drones and long, evolving ambient pads.

Haha. I remember making that sticker. 

Is it just me, or does anyone else look at this picture and immediately, instinctually know this guy is a douchebag? Guess what? You’d be right! Actually, he’s not just a douchebag, he’s an alleged murderer. I say alleged, but…

Police responding to a “report of a family disturbance and loud commotion” at the townhouse shared by Jared Remy and Jennifer Martel are informed along the way by dispatch that a man is “stabbing a female in the chest,” according to a Waltham police report. Running up the hill to the apartment with guns drawn, officers find a shirtless, blood-soaked Remy standing near the body of Martel, who is pronounced dead at the scene. 

Maybe he didn’t do it. Or maybe he’s a decent guy who cracked. Or maybe this is simply the latest in a series of documented episodes that stretch back to 1995: 25 traffic incidents, 34 court events and 23 alleged violence episodes. Here, read all about his 20 criminal cases, and how he victimized at least five women.

A couple days ago, I read this article about This American Bro. Please, read both articles. 

Jared Remy is a bully. Society has no use for Jared, but Jared needs us. He, and others like him, need an audience. Without an audience to admire his tanning bed glow and steroid-enhanced physique, he is nothing. He wants you to be impressed. He wants you to be intimidated. He’s offering nothing in return except death.



The Coupland Digital Synthesizer.

From the book The Electronic Arts Of Sounds And Lights by Ronald Pellegrino

I have never seen this instrument before, ever. 

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Found this at a Massachusetts pet adoption site.

Found this at a Massachusetts pet adoption site.

who wants a body massage?